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This is the current state of the Policies section of the G&K Enhanced Mod (GEM).


  • Culture Victories:
    • All players get +20% more policies, and cultural victory requires +20% more policies.
    • Tall and Wide empries are equally capable of cultural victory.
    • Peaceful empires are more effective at culture victory than militaristic empires.
  • Balanced policies in each tree so they have approximately equal power.
  • Each tree has a few policies useful for anyone, and a few policies for specific strategies.
  • The “no policy saving” advanced setup option defaults to disabled.
  • The only policy tree exclusion exists between Freedom <> Nationalism. (Autocracy).
  • Reduced the number of prerequisite links within policy trees to increase options. Discussion
  • Moved the boosts to Merchants, Artists, and Engineers earlier in the game, and tied them with an immediate bonus. This increases the value of specialists for wide and conquest empires. Scientists are useful for anyone, so they remain later in the trees.
  • Policy trees progress from left (early) to right (late) instead of clockwise.


Good for quickly claiming early territory.

  • Opener
    + 1 CultureCulture in every city.
    1 Palace in the 3 oldest cities.
  • Collective Rule
    +1 Settler.
    +20% ProductionProduction for settlers.
  • Meritocracy
    Gives a lump sum of GoldGold.
    Reduces policy costs in large empires:
    Cities producing approximately 15 CultureCulture are revenue-neutral for policy rate.
  • Citizenship
    +2 Workers at the Capital.
    +25% improvement construction rate.
  • Representation
    +1 HappyNational Happiness in Connected cities.
    -5% AngryUnhappiness from Population in non-occupied cities.
  • Republic
    Free Defense building in all current and future cities.
    +2 ProductionProduction from Defense buildings.
  • Finisher
    Free GreatPersonGreat Person of choice.
    +3 ProductionProduction from a specialist being in city.


Good for developing a few big cities.

  • Opener
    +1 CultureCulture for each surplus National Happiness.
  • Oral History
    +2 CultureCulture for the Palace and Villages.
  • Monarchy
    +5 ScienceScience per turn.
    +5% ScienceScience on science buildings.
  • Landed Elite
    +20% Surplus FoodFood in each city.
    +1 FoodFood from Defense buildings.
  • Aristocracy
    +2 CultureCulture for each National or World Wonder.
    +20% ProductionProduction for building Wonders.
  • Oligarchy
    0 maintenance and +0.2 xp/turn for garrisoned units.
    +50% Ranged Strength for garrisoned Cities.
  • Finisher
    +1 HappyCity Happiness for each National or World Wonder.
    Doubles cultural border expansion rate to tiles far from cities.
    +50% GreatPersonGreat Person Rate.


Good for fighting barbarians and conquering enemies.

  • Opener
    Reveals barbarian camps.
    +10% StrengthStrength against barbarians.
    Killing barbarians gives +5 CultureCulture per 1 StrengthStrength. 
  • Spoils of War
    You salvage GoldGold from the equipment of defeated enemies.
    Capturing City-States plunders treasure equal to 50 turns of alliance.
  • Military Tradition
    +2 Defense units at the Capital.
    +20% ProductionProduction for military units and buildings
  • Military Caste
    +1 HappyCity Happiness and +2 CultureCulture for each city with a Garrison.
  • Discipline
    +15% StrengthStrength for units adjacent to friendly military unit.
    +1 GreatPersonGreat General at the Capital.
    +1 Movement for GreatPersonGreat Generals
  • War Epics
    +1 HappyCity Happiness from CultureCulture buildings.
  • Professional Army
    -50% Upgrade cost for units.
    -25% Maintenance cost for units.
  • Finisher
    +1 HappyCity Happiness and +4 CultureCulture for cities with a Garrison or Barracks.


Good for Happiness and Religion.

  • Opener
    +5 HappyNational Happiness.
    +50 FaithFaith.
  • Charity
    +5% GoldGold from religious buildings.
  • Inspiration
    +1 Free Policy
    +2 CultureCulture from religious buildings.
  • Tolerance
    +1 HappyCity Happiness from Shrines and Temples.
  • Unity
    10 turn GoldenAgeGolden Age.
    -25% HappyNational Happiness required for GoldenAgeGolden Ages.
  • Devotion
    +3 FaithFaith per turn.
    +1 FaithFaith per city.
  • Finisher
    -25% FaithFaith purchase costs.


Good for building things faster in cities.

  • Opener
    +15% GoldGross National income.
    Can purchase GreatPersonGreat Merchants with FaithFaith once you enter the Industrial Era.
  • Mercantilism
    +2 Movement for non-combat units.
    +25% GoldIncome from Domestic Trade.
    -25% cost for Roads and Railroads.
  • Guilds
    +1 GreatPersonGreat Merchant at the Capital.
    +100% GoldGold from GreatPersonGreat Merchant trade missions.
  • Protectionism
    -20% Purchase cost for units and buildings.
  • Patent Law
    +1 GoldGold from Villages.
    +2 GoldGold from Harbors.
  • Merchant Navy
    +1 Movement and +1 Sight for Military ships.
    +2 ScienceScience for Coastal Cities.
    +2 ScienceScience for Naval Buildings.
  • Finisher
    +1 HappyNational Happiness from each Luxury resource, including surplus copies.


Good for interacting with City-States.

  • Opener
    20 resting InfluenceInfluence with City-States.
  • Philanthropy
    +33% InfluenceInfluence from Gold gifts to City-States.
  • Cultural Diplomacy
    InfluenceInfluence with City-States degrades 33% slower than normal.
  • Aesthetics
    Other players' InfluenceInfluence with City-States decreases 25% faster.
    +20 instant InfluenceInfluence with City-States.
  • Trade Pact
    City-state friends and allies increase ProductionProduction in your cities.
  • Scholasticism
    City-state allies provide ScienceScience.
  • Finisher
    +2 HappyNational Happiness for each City-State friend, and +3 HappyNational Happiness for each ally.


Good for expanding and developing modern cities.

  • Opener
    +1 GreatPersonGreat Engineer at the Capital.
    +10% ProductionProduction in all cities.
    Can purchase GreatPersonGreat Engineers with FaithFaith
  • Planned Economy
    +100% ProductionProduction for building Production buildings.
  • Communism
    +1 HappyCity Happiness and +10% ScienceScience from Smithies and Factories.
  • Socialism
    -25% Maintenance for Buildings.
  • Labor Unions
    +1 ProductionProduction from Mines, Quarries, Lumber Mills, and Fishing Boats.
  • United Front
    +25% chance to catch spies.
    -25% enemy spy tech steal rate.
    +5 ProductionProduction from Espionage buildings.
  • Finisher
    Instantly gain 10 turns of ProductionProduction in all cities.
    +10% ProductionProduction from Factories and power plants.

Knowledge (was Rationalism)Edit

Good for researching new things to build.

  • Opener
    +1 GreatPersonGreat Scientist at the Capital. 
    +1 ScienceScience on ScienceScience buildings.
    Can purchase GreatPersonGreat Scientists with FaithFaith once you enter the Industrial Era.
  • Scientific Revolution
    Constructs a ScienceScience building in your oldest 4 cities.
    +15% ScienceScience on Public Schools.
  • Sovereignty
    +20% ScienceScience when the nation is happy.
  • Humanism
    +1 HappyCity Happiness on Universities, Public Schools, and Research Labs.
  • Free Thought
    +1 ScienceScience from Villages.
    +2 ScienceScience from Harbors.
  • Secularism
    +2 ScienceScience from Specialists.
  • Finisher
    +2 free technologies.

Nationalism (was Autocracy)Edit

Good for happiness and conquest. Nationalism cannot be active with Freedom.

  • Opener
    +1 HappyCity Happiness for Monuments.
    Can purchase GreatPersonGreat Generals and GreatPersonGreat Admirals with FaithFaith.
  • Police State
    +2 HappyCity Happiness from Espionage buildings.
    +100% ProductionProduction for building Espionage buildings.
  • Militarism
    -25% Purchase and Maintenance costs for units.
  • Nationalism
    +0.5 HappyCity Happiness per specialist.
    +3 HappyCity Happiness from Courthouses.
  • Fascism
    Your empire plunders Cultural treasures from captured cities.
  • Conscription
    +10 unit heal rate.
  • Finisher
    +30 Experience for units.


Good for peaceful empires with high population. Freedom cannot be active with Nationalism.

  • Opener
    +25% StrengthCombat Strength for cities and units in friendly territory.
  • Free Trade
    +100% GoldGold from Mutual Open Borders.
    +50% ScienceScience from Research Agreements.
  • Universal Suffrage
    +1 FoodFood from Farms.
  • Free Speech
    +2 CultureCulture on Villages and Moai Statues.
  • Democracy
    -1 FoodFood consumed per Specialist.
    100% GreatPersonGreat Person creation rate
  • Immigration
    Citystate friends and allies gift GreatPersonGreat People.
  • Finisher
    Doubles effects from National Wonders.
    +1 CitizenPopulation in cities.