Communitas Wiki

Promotions changes

Charge combines +1 movement and 20% versus wounded units.

Amphibious combines Double embarked defence with the ability to attack without penalty over water.

Blitz (two ranged attacks) reduced to two ranged attacks at 90% strength.

Terrain bonuses unified to provide 15% attack or defence to ranged or melee power. Note: There is a display/interface error that indicates that ranged or melee unit bonuses are applying also the wrong variety. The sum combat strength displayed is correctly showing that this bonus is not actually being used in combat calculations, only the appropriate and relevant bonus is applied. 

Siege bonuses provide both a city attack and a city defence bonus (against attacks from the city).

Consolidated the healing promotions into 2 promotions typically labeled as supply or march. Mostly useful for less clutter in the civilopedia for the same effect listed in 5 places. 

Cover 1 - 25% ranged

Hero Epic provides a 20% combat bonus (was 15%)

Combined Volley and Siege promotions (+30% versus fortified units, +50% versus cities).

Consolidated Formation and Ambush promotion as 25% vs mounted or armor units.

Air Bombardment changed to 15% per promotion. 

Replaced Boarding Party with Targeting (15% versus naval units, +2 sight and +1 movement over the 3 promotions)

Air Range increased to +6

City Siege for air units 15% per promotion. 

Added 15% melee unit promotion (Honor tree)

Added 15% naval surface ship promotion (Exploration tree)

Scouting promotion path +2 sight, +1 sight and uses enemy roads, +10 paradrop (after flight)

Coastal Raider 15% versus city melee attack per promotion (gold plunder is unchanged).

Replaced Silent Hunter (75% attack) with 3 wolfpack promotions at 25% each.

Removed Survivalism promotions, Instant Heal Promotion, Sentry, Mobility, Medic 2, Anti-Mounted 2, Formation, Cover 2, Ambush 2,