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Civilization selection

Civilization selection.

Detailed comparison[]

Leader & Civilization Brave New World uniques Communitas uniques

Ahmed al-Mansur

- Morocco

Civilians move faster in Desert.

Your outgoing trade routes with different civilizations earn more Gold and Culture, and incoming trade routes earn more Gold for the owner of the route.

Unique Unit: Berber (Cavalry)

Unique Improvement: Kasbah


- Greece

+2 Culture in every city.

City-State Influence degrades at half and recovers at twice the normal rate.

Unique Unit: Hoplite - 50% vs melee and mounted units

Unique Building: Odeon - instant culture yield amphitheater

Removed Companion Cavalry


- Assyria

When a city is conquered, gain a free Technology aldready discovered by its owner. Gaining a city through a trade deal does not count, and it can only happen once per city.

Unique Unit: Siege Tower

Unique Building: Royal Library


- Songhai

Units move faster along rivers, and start with the Amphibious promotion

Unique Unit: Mandelaku Cavalry - Siege promotion and slightly cheaper knight

Unique Building: Mud Pyramid Mosque - shrine replacement that adds culture


- The Huns

Barbarian camps surrender when defeated, and land units cost less Maintenance.

Starts with a Horse Archer.

Unique Unit: Horse Archer

Unique Unit: Battering Ram - changed to +200% vs city, no defence penalty (roughly 70% better on defence)

Receives 2 free horses in capital city. Does not start with Animal Husbandry tech.

Augustus Caesar

- Rome

25% Production towards buildings that already exist in the Capital.

Start with Iron in the first 5 cities.

Unique Unit: Legion - strong sword unit that can build roads and forts faster than workers

Unique Building: Forum - bonus to production and happiness as a market

Removed Ballista


- Germany

Double quantity from Strategic Resources, and 3 extra votes in the World Congress.

Unique Unit: Panzer - stronger faster tank unit

Unique Building: Hanse - extra production per city per trade route with CS


- The Celts

+1 Faith from unimproved Forests and Jungle, and 150% yields from Natural Wonders.

Starts with a Pictish Warrior

Unique Unit: Pictish Warrior - moves faster and fights better on hills

Unique Building: Abbey - temple with +1 to all yields

Removed Ceilidh Hall.

Casimir III

- Poland

Receive a free Social Policy when you advance to the next era.

Unique Unit: Winged Hussar

Unique Building: Ducal Stable


- Russia

Units see farther, civilians move faster, and you gain 1 less Unhappiness per city.

Unique Unit: Cossack - stronger dragoon with a bonus against wounded units

Unique Building: Krepost

Darius I

- Persia

+50% Culture and +1 Movement during Golden Ages.

Starts with an Immortal.

Unique Unit: Immortal. - heals faster and is stronger

Unique Building: Satrap's Court - provides an instant quantity of Golden Age points and happiness (market)


- Carthage

Ports get a free Harbor, and units may cross mountains.

Starts with a Bireme and a Warrior.

Unique Unit: African Forest Elephant. - stronger horseman, slower, fear promotion

Unique Building: Cothon - lighthouse provides a unique luxury that can be traded (Tyrian Purple)

Removed Quinireme


- England

+2 Moves for ships.

Unique Unit: Longbowman (slightly weaker and changed how 3 range works)

Unique Building: Steam Mill - earlier factory that provides gold and production on luxuries in the city radius

Removed Ship of the Line

Enrico Dandolo

- Venice

Cannot gain settlers nor annex cities. Double the normal number of trade routes available. A Merchant of Venice appears after researching Optics. May purchase in puppeted cities.

Unique Unit: Merchant of Venice

Unique Unit: Great Galleass - stronger galleass

Gajah Mada

- Indonesia

The first 3 cities founded on contintents on other than where Indonesia started each provide 2 unique Luxury resources (and can never be razed).

Unique Unit: Kris Swordsman - unique promotions, stronger swordsman

Unique Building: Candi - Shrine replacement, adds instant culture per religion in a city and provides extra faith.


- India

Food buildings add 1 Population when constructed (possible 6 on a coastal city)

Starts with a Worker.

Unique Building: Indus Sanitation - +3 happiness on aqueduct

Unique Building: Vedi - Shrine provides instant faith

Genghis Khan

- Mongolia

City-States you can bully surrender in fear as puppets.

Mounted and skirmish units move faster and are cheaper to maintain.

Starts with a Scout.

Unique Unit: Keshik - cheap ranged knight replacement that does not have a city penalty

Unique Unit: Khan - Great General replacement

Gustavus Adolphus

- Sweden

Your capital gains a free strong copy of each new unit line you research.

Unique Unit: Carolean - free March promotion on Musket unit

Unique Building: Folkskola - early public school that provides a bonus to Great Scientist bulbs.

Removed Hakka

Haile Selassie

- Ethiopia

+25% Great People rate from each Alliance, and +20% Combat vs civilizations with more cities.

Unique Unit: Mehal Safari

Unique Building: Stele - faith per population monument

Harald Bluetooth

- Denmark

Faster and stronger embarkation across water, and melee units pillage faster.

Unique Unit: Berserker - stronger longsword with charge and amphibious promotion

Unique Building: Jelling Stones - Hero Epic replacement that gives culture on conquests

Removed Ski Infantry

Harun al-Rashid

- Arabia

Units move faster in desert, caravans reach farther, and trade routes spread religion faster from your cities.

Unique Unit: Camel Archer - ranged knight

Unique Building: Bazaar - provides faith but no extra luxuries


- The Iroquois

Faster movement in Forests and Jungle, which count as roads in friendly territory after researching The Wheel.

Starts with a unique Swordsman.

Unique Unit: Mohawk Warrior - does not require iron

Unique Building: Longhouse - adds production on forests and 10% to city production and an engineer slot as a smith replacement


- Spain

Conquering cities increases your Faith.

Unique Unit: Tercio - stronger arquebus with an anti-mounted effect

Unique Unit: Conquistador - stronger knight with the ability to spread a religion


- Polynesia

Can embark and move over Oceans immediately.

+1 Sight when embarked.

+10% Strength if within 2 tiles of a Moai.

Unique Unit: Maori Warrior - stronger warrior with fear

Unique Improvement: Moai - provides culture from coastline and extra culture for nearby Moai.

Maria I

- Portugal

Resource diversity grants twice as much Gold for Portugal in Trade routes.

Unique Unit: Nau

Unique Improvement: Feitoria

Maria Theresa

- Austria

Can spend Gold to annex or puppet a City-State that has been your ally for 5 turns.

Unique Unit: Hussar - changed to a Lancer UU with extra flanking attack

Unique Building: Coffee House - provides GP% and production%


- The Aztecs

Gains Culture from killing enemy units.

Unique Unit: Jaguar - strong warrior with woodsman

Unique Building: Chinampa - water mill with extra food % and extra food on lakes. (renamed)


- France

Receives a free Cultural Great Person for every culture building constructed in Paris.

Unique Unit: Musketeer - stronger and stronger in foreign territory

Unique Building: Chateau

Nebuchadnezzar II

- Babylon

Great Scientists appear 25% faster, and you receive one at Writing.

Starts with a Bowman.

Unique Unit: Bowman - stronger archer and moves faster in deserts

Unique Building: Walls of Babylon - wall has a Great scientist slot and provides 2 science.

Oda Nobunaga

- Japan

Damaged units fight at full strength.

Fishing boats and Isles give Culture.

Unique Unit: Samurai - stronger longsword with a bonus in open ground and can attack twice.

Unique Building: Dojo - barracks that adds culture to horses and iron.

Removed Zero


- The Maya

After researching Theology, receive a bonus Great Person at the end of every Maya Long Count cycle (every 394 years).

Starts with a Unique Archer.

Unique Unit: Atlatist - cheaper and available sooner archer

Unique Building: Pyramid - science and extra faith shrine


- The Inca

Units move faster on hills. Roads and railroads cost no maintenance on hills; half costs elsewhere.

Unique Unit: Slinger - archer that can retreat, same unit stats as regular archer

Unique Improvement: Terrace Farm

Pedro II

- Brazil

Tourism output is +100% during their Golden Ages.

Earn Great Artists, Musicians, and Writers 50% faster during their Golden Ages.

Unique Unit: Pracinha - infantry that provides golden age points for victories.

Unique Improvement: Brazilwood Camp


- The Shoshone

Founded cities start with additional territory. Units receive a combat bonus when fighting within their own territory.

Unique Unit: Pathfinder

Unique Unit: Comanche Rider - faster cavalry unit

Ramesses II

- Egypt

+20% Production towards Wonder construction.

Unique Unit: War Chariot - faster chariot that does not require horses

Starts with a War Chariot

Unique Building: Basin Irrigation - extra food aqueduct, food on rivers and oasis

Receives 2 horses in capital


- Siam

25% higher rewards from friendly and allied City-States.

Unique Unit: Chang Suek (renamed) - strong knight with anti-mounted bonus.

Unique Building: Wat - university with culture yield


- Korea

+1 Science from farms.

Starts with a Worker.

Unique Unit: Hwach'a - trebuchet with no bonus versus cities and no penalty versus units, stronger in friendly territory.

Unique Building: Jade Hall - provides +2 science per specialist, National College replacement


- The Zulus

Melee and vanguard units cost 50% less maintenance.

All units require 25% less experience to earn their next promotion.

Unique Unit: Impi

Unique Building: Ikanda


- The Ottomans

Internal Trade routes between your cities provide 10 Gold to the destination.

Unique Unit: Janissary - bonus to attack, heals on kills, better with adjacent units

Unique Unit: Barbary Post - lighthouse provides a prize ship promotion to all ships constructed there.

Removed Sipahi.


- Byzantium

Choose one more Belief than normal when you found a Religion.

Unique Unit: Dromon - strong bireme with a bonus against ships

Unique Building: Basilica - early and cheaper temple that provides instant faith.

Removed Cataphract


- America

All land military units have +1 Sight.

50% discount when purchasing tiles.

Unique Unit: Minuteman - strong arquebus with +2 sight

Unique Building: NASA Center - Laboratory with a large instant science yield and a free spaceship factory.


- The Netherlands

Each luxury resource increases Gold income by 5%.

Unique Building: Trade Office - Harbor replacement with a merchant slot, extra gold, and extra gold on land or sea routes

Unique Improvement: Polder - can be built on coastlines.

Wu Zetian

- China

You get an extra Spy.

Great Generals see farther and give more Strength.

Starts with a Warrior and Great General.

Unique Unit: Chu-Ko-Nu - stronger crossbow that can fire twice (but at a lower strength)

Unique Building: Paper Maker - provides gold and gold % and a small instant science yield.